Veterinary Surgery

For each of our routine veterinary surgeries, we perform preanesthetic blood tests to evaluate for potential preexisting problems.  Our focus on patient safety, pain management, and employing the most current surgical practices is designed to exceed your expectations and put your concerns to rest. Our certified veterinary technicians will monitor your pet before, during, and after surgery and will take exceptional care to ensure a safe and complete recovery for your pet. We will also address any questions or concerns you may have about surgery, including concerns about anesthesia, pain management, or postoperative care.

Soft Tissue Surgery For Pets

When non-elective soft tissue surgical needs arise, our experienced veterinarians can provide surgical services for many different needs.  Some of these needs include tumor removals, bladder stone removals, biopsies, laceration repairs, thyroid surgery, gastrointestinal surgeries, and some ophthalmic surgeries, amongst many others.  If you are considering having a non-elective surgery done on your pet and we have not yet evaluated the pet and discussed the problem and options with you, we recommend you schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians so we may evaluate the problem, offer options and an estimate for the procedure.

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