To all of our clients:

We have a new policy on no-shows (meaning an appointment has been made, and the client does not show for their appointment).

We have had, unfortunately, a tremendous increase in the number of no-show appointments over the past few months. We suspect some of this is due to the veterinary industry, including us, still dealing with a backlog of appointments. Whatever the reason, it reduces our ability to help those who do want to have their pet seen for an appointment, and now an available time goes unused because it is often difficult to get someone to fill it within minutes of realizing a no-show has occurred.

Going forward, we will be assessing fees, which will only apply as fees (this will be a deposit towards future services), whenever there is a no-show. This is very similar to most businesses that take appointments, including human doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and even hotels.

We will charge, for doctor appointments, a $50 charge per pet fee for a no-show appointment. For surgery or dental no-shows, we will charge a $100 per pet no-show fee. For technician appointments, a $15 charge per pet no-show fee will be assessed.

We will make every effort to help avoid these fees by asking for your email and mobile phone number to make sure reminders are sent to you to help you remember your appointment. We will also make every effort to try to remind you of these no-show fees while you are making your appointment. After a no-show appointment, we will contact you to discuss the situation and make a new appointment. Please be aware that we will apply the fee to your account even if you reschedule, but will not charge you at that time unless you do not show for the rescheduled appointment.

If you have made an appointment, and do not intend, for whatever reason, to come to the appointment please call us as soon as possible to let us know, as there are other pets who really need your appointment time