Animal Massage

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Christy Bemis, CMT, is offering Canine Massage Therapy at CCVC!

There are many benefits of massage, including:
1. Improved circulation
2. Increased oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue
3. Reduce scar tissue formation following surgery
4. Help to relax and ease discomfort in those with chronic structural issues
5. Faster recovery from competition

Any dog can benefit from her services, but especially those who have had recent surgery, including those who have recently had orthopedic procedures, and even prior to surgery. It is also beneficial for those with arthritis, canine athletes, and those with chronic hip, elbow, knee, or other joint issues.

There are those who should NOT receive a massage! Those include:
1. Those with a fever
2. Those in shock
3.  Those with skin infections, lice, mange, or ringworm
4.  Those with undiagnosed lumps or swellings
5.  Undiagnosed lameness
6.  Those with open wounds
7.  Those who are dehydrated/not eating
8.  Acute (0-7 days) muscle injury

Please call the clinic to speak with Christy about scheduling an appointment for your dog, or discuss whether massage is appropriate for your dog’s circumstances!