Complete Medical Care

Pomeranian Checkup

From simple ear infections and skin problems, to sudden severe illness, we are available to help diagnose and properly treat your pet.  Our veterinarians are skilled in diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of ailments, and will take the time to not only help you understand what is happening with your pet, but to also offer options in the best courses of treatment to help your pet.

We will use the skills of our examination, learn from the history of the problem, and utilize laboratory, radiology, and if needed, seek the skills of specialists in ultrasound and CT scanning, cardiology, and a wide variety of veterinary specialties available to us in the greater Madison metropolitan area. 

Our certified veterinary technicians help our veterinarians with our mission to treat all of our patients with the utmost care and dignity we all would want for our own pets. 

If your pet has what seems like a small problem, or has been ill for some time, we will be happy to see you for an office visit and an exam, evaluate the problem and determine what our options are, costs of treatment, and work on a treatment plan with you for your pet.