Dog Boarding: Our highly qualified animal caretakers are ready to serve you and your dog.  We feature separate dog boarding, with the option of indoor/outdoor runs connecting to individual outdoor runs, or back-to-back runs.  Dogs from the same home may board together in the same run, or in the back-to-back runs to allow for more space. 

Within their runs, dogs are visually isolated from each other which decreases stress.  The kennel areas maintain a comfortable environment year-round, with air conditioning, forced air heat, and in-floor heat.  We offer raised comfort beds as well as proper bedding in each run.  To help protect against disease, we also have an air purification and sterilization system. 

As an option, we offer additional outside extra play time in one of our three large, fully enclosed exercise areas.  Each dog is otherwise taken outside at least four times per day into our outdoor runs.

For more information, checkout our Canine Boarding Fees & Policies.

Cat Boarding: Our caring, qualified animal caretakers are looking forward to serving you and your cat in our separate cat boarding facility.  The cat boarding area is completely separate from the dog boarding area, allowing for a quiet, cat-friendly place for your cat to relax while you are away.  Cat condos may link together to allow more room for one cat, or more than one cat from the same home. 

Cats boarding with us can monitor the comings and goings of the veterinary clinic via large windows overlooking the reception area, monitor the comings and goings of the veterinary staff, or watch outside via a large picture window.  There are cat trees for the cats to climb on when they have their individual exercise time within the cat boarding area.

For more information, checkout our Feline & Exotic Boarding Fees & Policies.

Additional Boarding Information:  We are proud to announce that our clinic is equipped with a smoke and fire detection system which connects to 911 and the local fire department, for the safety of our patients, clients, and staff.

All boarding is done by reservation, so please call now to reserve space for your pet.  Check out our “Clinic Tour” for more photos of our boarding areas.

For more information or to book a stay for your pet, call us at 920-623-3366