Roselynn Uebelacker


After growing up a farm girl, milking cows and “doctoring” my own pets in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, I went to UW-Platteville and graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with an emphasis in Mat & Livestock. I worked for the USDA Meat Grading and Certification Branch for a summer as a Commodity Meat Grader, and from there went on to work at Covance Laboratories, Inc. as a Study Technician. There, I worked specifically with beagles and cynomolgus macacque monkeys. I have worked in a couple different veterinary clinics and enjoy the atmosphere greatly in both the large animal and companion animal venues. I joined the CCVC team as a receptionist in October 2010.

Hobbies I enjoy are singing, racquetball, bowling and camping. I live in Columbus with my husband, Nick, our daughter, Aubrey, and our sons, Noah and Parker. We share our home with a Puggle named Marley and a cat named Kiki Meow.