Donald Armour


At CCVC, I serve as both a cleaner and an animal caretaker. My educational background includes a Biology Degree from Carthage College, as well as a K-1 to 12 education degree. One of the primary reasons I cherish working here is I love the horses at the farm and my 8 cats and 2 dogs. There is nothing better then the love of animals and helping them live happy lives. My wife, Kristen Westlake, and I reside in Beaver Dam. Together, we have a bustling household of pets: two rescue dogs named Faith and Hope; and cats name Lucky(19), Gato, Angel, Cora, Mazer, and Rascal, all of whom are adults, and the younger felines, Wishbone and Barney, both 5 months old. Outside of work, I’m proud to be a Disabled Submarine Veteran. Soccer has been a passion of mine since I was 5 years old. Additionally, Kristen and I take care of her parents’ farm and there are two horses, Missy and Whinny.